Musician. Guitar player. Composer, Arranger, Teacher
“Oliver Pellet is an excellent guitarist currently based in Switzerland. His playing embraces the melodies and feel of his Brazilian heritage while he explores modern jazz territory with a great fire and energy. Keep your ears on what’s to come from this guy.”
- Jonathan Kreisberg, Guitarrist (NYC) -

Soon new Album release!
stay tuned


Oliver Pellet Trio

Im Burggartenkeller Bottmingen

Fr. 4.2.2022 - 20h

Oliver Pellet: guitar
Thiago Alves: bass
Paulo Almeida: drums

Forró do Hermeto
Cargo Bar 29.1.2020

Aquelas coisas todas- the music of Toninho Horta

Birds Eye 5th and 6th April 2019

The Bird's Eye Jazz Club

Base Switzerland

Seamus Blake: tenor sax

Oliver Pellet: guitar

Guillermo Klein: piano

Stephan Kurmann: double bass

Jorge Rossy: drums

Oliver Pellet Quartett

Himmel und Erde Cd Taufe

18.10.18        20:15

Radius 39 
Wielandplatz, 8 4054 Basel

Oliver Pellet Quintett

Himmel und Erde Cd Taufe

20.10.18 Jazz Live Aarau 15:30

Spaghetti Factory Salmen

Metzgergasse, 8


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