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Oliver Pellet Quintet


This is one of my favorites formations. I just love the combination of Saxophone and Guitar playing melodies in unison or in different voices. I also like to write specific bass lines and grooves and sometimes with the piano in unison-

Here I try to explore rhythmic ideas and to work with harmony and melody with a lot of liberty.

Electric Church



When I was a teenager, Jimi Hendrix was one of my great musical heroes. I just loved his creativity and his expression and I always thought he had a special mystical way of composing. About 20 years later, listening to his songs again, I realized how rich his melodies are (specially the ballads!) and I decided to try to play them in a jazz scenario. The result is the Electric Church project. I choose this name because Jimi used to call his music so.

Forró do Hermeto



Hermeto  Pascoal is one of my greatest influences till this day. In my opinion he is music incarnated, and I just love his approach to composition and improvisation. In this project I had the idea to take all the forró compositions of his and make a concert which the people could also dance to it. Forró means party and a specific set of northeast Brazilian rhythms such as: baião, frevo, arrasta pé, xote, maracatu and others.

Trio dois a um


This is a very special trio that I’m honored to be a part of. Along with the great saxophone player Rodrigo Botter Maio and his son Lino Botter Maio we play Brazilian standards and original tunes by Rodrigo and me.

Choro Moderno Trio


In this Project I play along with Rodrigo Botter Maio and the great pianist Floriano Inacio Junior our own versions of classic Choro compositions.

Rodrigo Botter Maio & Oliver Pellet duo




I’m a great fan of Rodrigo’s compositions and arrangements not to mention his ability at the instrument (s). In this challenging formation we play mostly original tunes and some standards.



This is a new project, still on the development phase. The idea is to combine the afro-brazilian rhythms with south indian rhythms (konokol) and harmonize the traditional melodies with a lot of harmonic liberty.

Oliver Pellet Trio


In this project I try to do my own version of great Brazilian and jazz standards.

As Sideman:


As a sideman musican I have the pleasure and the honor of playing with great musicians in Europe and from all over the world. Here some names:

Rodrigo Botter Maio, Tiago Barros, Johannes Gutfleisch, Stephan Kurmann, Edmundo Carneiro, James Müller, Fred Heissler, Konrad Wiemann,  Lucio Marelli, Sankar Chowdhuri, Simon Spiess, Eric Gilson, Simone Bollini, Jose Luiz Martins, Florian Reichle, Cris Julian, Dudu Penz, Simon Wirsch, Cedric Gschwind, Lukas Wyss, Roberto Koch, Alberto Garcia, Mario Alonso, Florian Hass, David Brito, Jerry Leonide, Edwin Sanz, Thomas Lähns, Fabian Gisler, Tony Lakatos, Mauro Martins, Ricardo Fiuza, Marcio Bahia, Alex Sipiagin, E.S.T. Symphony, Paulo Almeida, Jenny Chi, Nice Brazil, Viviane de Farias, Anissa Damali, Mildred Aubry, Julie Fahrer, Bê Ignacio, and many others.

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